Upper Lawn

This northwest corner is the former site of some of the property’s largest homes. In the 1880’s Joseph Van Vleck Sr. and his family lived here in a large Victorian home designed by the architect, Henry Hudson Holly. It was one of three Holly mansions which were built along Montclair’s Upper Mountain Avenue during that era.

In 1901 the Victorian house was torn down and replaced with a Tudor style mansion that the young architect, Joseph Jr. designed and built for his parents. An expansion of the home in 1916 ultimately resulted in a grand six-story home that was the childhood home of Howard Van Vleck.

Of the noteworthy remnants from landscaping around the house is the mature sugar maple tree that stands near the corner. The tree continues to be tapped in late winter to the delight of present-day families who visit and get a chance to see where real maple syrup comes from.