Butterfly Garden

The Mark Landrum Children’s Butterfly Garden

The plants in this area serve as food sources and habitat for wildlife, particularly birds and butterflies. The varied heights and growth habits of these plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but give visitors a chance to observe healthy ecosystem interactions.

Within the garden are an assortment of summer and fall blooming plants which attract and support wildlife. Dill, parsley, and fennel are planted annually as a food source for swallowtail butterfly larvae. Two species of milkweed are a food source for monarch butterfly larvae. In fact, during the summertime, visitors can sometimes find insect eggs on the underside of leaves. The turtlehead, bee balm, and honeysuckle all attract hummingbirds with their nectar and tubular shaped flowers. Goldenrod supports 380 species of insects which serve as a rich source of protein for visiting birds.