Van Vleck House and Gardnes Wisteria

The Montclair Foundation

The Montclair Foundation


The Montclair Foundation is a nonprofit that awards grants to charitable organizations in the greater Montclair area.

Equally important is the Foundation’s strong commitment to the historic preservation of the Van Vleck House and Gardens for the education, cultural enrichment, and enjoyment of the community.

The Foundation serves as a vehicle for those who wish to make lasting investments in our community’s future through philanthropic contributions and bequests.

The Montclair Foundation was established to support not-for-profit organizations that meet health, educational, cultural, social service and quality of life needs in the greater Montclair community. It offers concerned citizens a way to assure the continuing vitality of Montclair and serves as a permanent conduit for charitable giving

The Montclair Foundation Board is responsible for the governance of the Foundation’s property (the Van Vleck House and Gardens) and the management of its investment funds and its grants program.

The Montclair Environs Fund is an ideal vehicle for those who care about Montclair to share in a lasting legacy of philanthropy. We welcome gifts to the Foundation—either directly or through trusts or bequests—and appreciate all those who support our tradition of giving.

Serving as the liaison between Montclair charitable causes and the dollars that support those causes, the Foundation ensures that the gifts of caring, supportive donors are prudently managed and effectively used to better the community. The Foundation preserves and invests all dollars that are entrusted to it. The Foundation’s investment account, the Montclair Foundation Environs Endowment Fund, continues to increase as a result of gifts, bequests, and investment growth. After careful study, income from the Foundation’s investments is distributed semiannually by the Foundation Board to worthy organizations that have applied for support.