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The Montclair Foundation

The Montclair Foundation


Trustees helping out at Grant Recipient Toni's Kitchen

Trustees helping out at Grant Recipient Toni’s Kitchen

The Montclair Foundation is a tax-exempt community foundation founded in 1979 to support not-for-profit organizations that meet health, educational, cultural, social service and quality of life needs in Montclair and environs. Grants are generally awarded in amounts ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. No grants are awarded to individuals.

Grant proposals should be sent to the Montclair Foundation by September 7 (Wednesday after Labor Day) or March 1 for consideration at our Fall or Spring Board Meetings. Action on proposals may be deferred; however, all organizations will be notified promptly as to the status of all requests. Proposals sent by mail, hand-delivery or email ( must be received by the stated deadline to be considered for that current grant cycle.

GRANT PROPOSAL FORMAT: Please include the application form and the following information in your proposal:

1. PROPOSAL SUMMARY: (one page)

Please summarize the purpose of your organization, the reason your organization is requesting this grant, the anticipated outcomes and the benefit to the Montclair community.

2. PROPOSAL NARRATIVE: (up to two pages)

a. A brief summary of your organization’s history, mission and goals, including current programs and accomplishments and your staffing structure

b. A description of the program or project for which funds are being sought, including the following:

i. Is this a new initiative or an ongoing part of the organization
ii. Statement of needs/problems addressed and the constituency served
iii. Your relationships with organizations that address similar needs
c. A brief explanation of how your organization measures the effectiveness of the program/project. Describe your criteria for a successful program and how your organization assesses its results.
d. If you have received funding from the Montclair Foundation in the last two years, a brief report documenting the use of grant funds including applicable assessments.

3. ATTACHMENTS (required)

a. Financial Information

i. Most recent audited financial statement or Form 990
ii. A current organizational and project budget that identifies all sources of revenue and expenses for the program or project
iii. A list of other sources of funding that are being solicited and your status to date with those sources
b. Other materials
i. Your current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
ii. List of your current Board of Directors